iPad Mini could hit stores November 2
The smaller slate size Apple once slammed is about to be released by Apple.(Credit:Twitter/SonnyDickson)The smallertablet we thought we'd never see from Apple could be in many consumers' hands on November 2.That's the on-sale date for the iPad Mini that is being touted in a fresh round of rumors this morning, and given Apple's record of releasing new products on a Friday, roughly 10 days after unveiling it in a hype-filled media event, it makes sense to me, too.Related storiesiPad Mini, anyone? Apple sets Oct. 23 eventiPad Mini: What we expect iPad Mini steals Surface Presale ThunderApple has already announced and sent out invitations for a media event on October 23 ("We've got a little more to show you"),Defiance Power Leveling, and it's widely expected to be centered on a newiPad with a 7.8-inch display that could be priced as low as $249. For the full details of what we expect to see, check out Scott Stein's rundown.The holiday shopping season is shaping up to be an Ultimate Fighting Championship of tablets, with Microsoft's Surface dropping in a few weeks, and persistent rumors of an uber-cheap new Google Nexus tablet. Let's hope Apple has been brushing up on its jiujitsu moves to be able to compete. Inside Scoop: You're invited! New iPad Mini may be unveiled Oct.23(Via Geeky Gadgets)
iPad Mini could hit stores November 2
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